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Important: New Email Rules Being Enforced by Yahoo!, AOL

Large email providers, beginning with Yahoo! and AOL, are beginning to implement a new rule that requires you to only send email using their email servers.
For example, if I have a Yahoo! email account, then I can set up my email software to log into my Yahoo! account and send and receive messages as say ‘’.
At the same time, I cannot send email from some other location and pretend to be ‘’.    I am required to hook my email software up to the Yahoo! email server, or use their web-based interface to compose and send email messages.
WebSuite2™ is software running on servers outside of the Yahoo! network.  When someone with a Yahoo! account tries to use WebSuite2™ to distribute email as, say ‘’ — to other recipients who have Yahoo! email accounts (e.g. sending an E-Bulletin) the Yahoo! email system will see that the message was sent from a server other than the Yahoo! network and it will not deliver the email to the intended Yahoo! recipients.  
While in theory this is a good thing, because you wouldn’t want someone, somewhere else in the world sending email with your return email address - it also inconveniences those who use other email distribution software, like WebSuite2™, to distribute email on their behalf.

Other major email providers are likely to follow suit.

Bottom Line: When sending email using WebSuite2™, be sure to use your website domain-based email address (e.g. '') as the 'From' address.  Do not use email accounts with domain names hosted elsewhere.

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