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Emergency After-Hours Support Now Available

Because there might come a time where you have an urgent need for support after-hours, we added a special emergency contact email that you can use.

If it is to report a problem with the system, there's no fee for using this service. Otherwise it will be considered billable at our current hourly rate.

Simple click the link 'Emergency Support' at the bottom of WebSuite2's Main Menu.

If you are unable to access the system, for whatever reason, you can also email nine one one at TCS software dot com. (I spelled it out so that search engines don't pick it up, but type it as it sounds.) Your email will cause a text message to be sent to one or more on-call support staff members who will follow up.

For non-emergency issues after-hours, you can email support at TCSsoftware dot com. We will often respond to your email (at no charge) before the next business day using this method instead.

Our systems are monitored 24/7/365 electronically and we are notified when the system is unavailable.




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